Our Programs

Room in the Inn Shoals, Inc. consists of two, separate but equal programs:

The Room in the Inn Winter Shelter Program

Fighting Homelessness, Creating Hopefulness

The mission of our Homeless Shelter program is to provide food and shelter to anyone in need during the coldest months of the year.  We do this by partnering with local churches and organizations and operate each winter, from November through March. 

Homelessness is a messy and complicated issue, and one that has become a nationwide crisis.  It is a difficult issue to address, but it is one we must confront.  Room in the Inn began with a simple mission: Don't let anyone freeze to death during the coldest months of the year. We can't and don't try to fix homelessness - but what we can do is provide a warm, safe place to stay, a hot meal and some kindness.  We can share our resources with those who are struggling, and not only help our community understand the complicated issue, but also give hope to those who are homeless. We can make sure that everyone matters.


Room in the Inn began in 2015 and since then over 600 homeless guests have stayed with us. We provide the food and shelter by partnering with local churches from all over the Shoals and by operating our Intake Center, staffed by volunteers. 

To learn more about our Shelter Program, including how to participate as a Host Group, click here. 

For more information about homelessness in the Shoals, click here

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The Room at the Table Community Hunger Program

Fighting Hunger, Creating Community

One of the deepest needs of every person is to be in community with others - to share this life with others and find common bonds. 

Gathering around a table and sharing a meal together is a fundamental building block to creating connections with one another. Food and hunger is something that we can all relate to and loneliness, especially in today's society, is becoming more and more prevalent. 


The vision of Room at the Table is to provide a meal for those who are hungry or lonely in an environment of hospitality and care, and to establish community connections.  We strive to make this meal a time of togetherness - a night not about "them" and "us", but about WE.

Each night we gather around our tables and share a meal together, creating unlikely connections between people from all walks of life. 

We do this by partnering with all types of people in our community. 

This not only allows us to serve each other – but it creates a space for conversations to better understand each other. 

We believe that our community is stronger when we are united in serving one another.  

We began this mission in June of 2019 and since then we have served over 1800 meals and partnered with over 1500 volunteers. Each night a different group hosts the meal, serving as either a Food Team or Individual Volunteers. To find out more about Room at the Table or how to participate with us, click here.  Together we can make sure there is always room at the table for all.