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Dear Friends, 

We are so grateful for all of you that have supported us, cheered us on and made this work possible. After more than a decade of serving our community, Room in the Inn is turning over operations to a new organization to serve the unhoused here in the Shoals. 


We are happy to introduce you to Home Free Haven; the organization who will be assuming RITI’s mission of providing food and shelter to those in need during the winter months. After much prayer and thought, Krista and the Board of Directors made the decision to transfer the organization and they have legally transferred RITI’s 501(c)(3) non-profit to Home Free Haven, and are confident in the team’s vision to continue this vital service for our community. 


Home Free Haven will utilize RITI’s model, partnering with local churches and volunteers, including many who have worked with RITI in the past. Home Free Haven will begin their season on November 27th. For more information, including their operating plan, how to support them or how to volunteer, email them at: or by phone, (256) 415-7278. Home Free Haven is made up of a group of friends who previously worked with Room in the Inn and who have a personal connection to the mission. The Home Free Haven team includes: Jordan Shults, Will Willis, Christian Austill and Shelly Vess.

Room in the Inn Shoals will be transferring all the supplies and assets they have acquired to Home Free Haven and will finalize operations by year's end. Any questions about the transition can be sent to Krista Manchester at until December 31, 2023. 


Since December 2013, together, we have provided shelter to over 900 individuals and fed thousands more. Many, many lives have been changed because of the love and support of our community. We are so very thankful to everyone that has supported RITI over the past ten years.

Thank you for helping us love our neighbors with radical hospitality and for helping us spread our message of hope, love and acceptance. 


Peace and Blessings, 

Krista Manchester and the Room in the Inn Board of Directors

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