If you are homeless and in need of shelter...
We are located at 602 Veterans Drive in downtown Florence. 
We will open this year on November 15th

The mission of Room in the Inn is to provide food and shelter during the winter months to anyone in need. It is our goal to provide a night of safe and hospitable shelter, where everyone is treated fairly and equally.

Our program is based on mutual respect and our 7 Simple Rules.

Beginning November 15th, our Intake Center will open at 4:30pm each day, 7 days a week. If you are in need of shelter, come to our Intake Center, located at 602 Veterans Drive in Florence.
You must be at our Intake Center NO later than 5:00pm in order to stay for the night. 

Guests are STRONGLY encouraged to be at the Intake Center no later than 4:00pm to get in line. 
*We will do our best to accommodate everyone who needs a place to stay. However space may be limited on some nights. If that happens, guests can receive supplies and food and we will do our best to provide information about other resources. On nights where the temperature is below freezing, we will make beds available for eveyrone.

In order to stay with us, you will need some form of ID (A picture ID is preferred).
We require each guest to complete a guest orientation interview.  
Men, women, and families can stay with us. Couples will not be split up into separate spaces.
Assuming our rules and policies are followed, you are welcome to stay us with us for the the entire 5 months we are open if needed. We do encourage guests to look for employment and housing during this time, and volunteers will be available to assist you if needed.

You must be sober from drugs and alcohol when you come to the Intake Center. There is a daily security screening upon entering the Intake Center. This is for the safety of our guests and volunteers.

Room in the Inn partners with local churches, but participation in any kind of worship or church service is not required for you to receive food or shelter. 

Due to the nature of our shelter program, we are not able to
accommodate guests with pets at this time. However, anyone in need may come to the Intake Center for snacks and supplies even if you do not require shelter. We will do our best to find resources to assist you if you have a pet.
We are unable to provide transportation to our Intake Center at this time. 
Information on staying with Room in the Inn

All guests of Room in the Inn have the right:

To use our services without discrimination.

To be safe and treated with dignity and respect.

To be treated objectively and professionally.

To be served in confidence, except in situations

involving criminal activity.

Room in the Inn is a non-profit organization. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or religious beliefs. We serve women, men, veterans, families and anyone in need.