Room in The Inn Shoals, Inc. 

P.O. Box 411

Florence, AL 35631

Executive Director: Krista Manchester

Room in The Inn Shoals, Inc. is a registered non-profit organization. Our Tax ID#: 47-2883572

Room in the Inn Shoals Inc. is an interfaith, community-based partnership that provides food and shelter to homeless during the winter months.  Room in the Inn Shoals does not and cannot fix homelessness; but it does change people. By offering hope and radical hospitality, it is our mission to serve everyone with care and dignity, making sure that everyone matters. 

How to Donate to Room in the Inn Shoals:

You can support Room in the Inn through a financial donation or by donating supplies from our wish list.

Room in the Inn Shoals is entirely locally and privately funded. We do not receive any local, state or federal funds.  This is intentional so that we can determine our own rules and policies and serve anyone in need without a government agency telling us how to operate.  We hold a number of fundraisers each year, receive some local grants, and operate based on donations from local community members and businesses.  Every dollar makes a difference!


Every dollar raised stays here in the Shoals and goes toward the operation of our Intake Center. Room in the Inn Shoals Inc. is overseen by a community-based Board of Directors and follows all non-profit guidelines. Our treasurer provides a monthly financial review and we undergo a yearly financial audit. We are a registered 501c3, non-profit organization.  Our Tax-ID # is 47-2883572.  All donations to Room in the Inn Shoals are tax-deductible.

Financial Donations

To support us financially:


You can mail a check to:

Room in the Inn Shoals, Inc.

P.O. Box 411

Florence, AL 35631


You can also donate electronically via PayPal or Venmo.

For Paypal, use our email

Our Venmo is @roomintheinn 

Want to pledge a regular donation?  For the cost of one meal out or one night at the movies, you can help provide food and shelter to our guests.  Sign up for our recurring monthly draft program. It's super simple and helps us count on your monthly commitment to continue our mission.

Our Supplies Wish List!

Backpacks (New or Gently Used)

Small Toothpastes

Small Shampoo

Hair Brushes

Men’s Travel Size Shaving Cream

Men’s Deodorant

Reading Glasses (2.0+ or higher - can be used)

Hot Hands

Toenail Clippers

Small Packs of Tissues

Men's Boxers - S, M & L

Women's Underwear - S, M & L

Women's Sport Bras - S, M

Rain Gear (ponchos, shoe coverings, small umbrellas)

Bottles of Advil, Tylenol, Benadryl, Antacids


Nasal Strips (for snoring)

Feminine Products (Tampons and Pads)

Snack Foods - Slim Jims, Granola Bars, Fruit & Pudding Cups, Vienna Sausages, Crackers, PopTarts, 

McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Taco Bell gift cards ($5 ea.)

Clorox Wipes


Coffee Supplies: Large Containers of Coffee, Cream, Sugar

Packets of Hot Chocolate

Packets of Apple Cider Mix

Toilet Paper


Paper Towels

Donations can be dropped off Tuesdays or Thursdays, between 2-4 pm or by appointment. 

For an appointment, you can email

Because of our limited space, we cannot take donations of clothing, coats or bedding items.  Our guests are given vouchers to St. Vincent de Paul thrift store to help with needs, so we recommend donating items to St. Vincent de Paul.  They are located one block from our Intake Center.